I will comfort the disturbed. When it is you who is disturbed, comfort and care must take place in order to bring the balance of life to light. AND, i will disturb the comfort. For without the knowledge of the disturbed, there will be no balance and life will hang in the precipice of forever. never knowing. neither the comfort, nor the care… Please take off your pants, dear lady, and receive the blissful healing of which you seek. I will not patronize. Nor will I neglect, for you have contracted and paid for a full and difficult time of addressing… and clearing… and balance. and love. 

>With this session, if i may say it as such, the matter is addressed. All thru the simplicity of the orgasm. The simplicity of the direct link of the pathway, beginning at the point of contact: your clit, your g, your cervix, your PUSSY. And traversing thru the rest of your body and spirt, and ending at the crown chakra at the top of your head. Then out with the light, the lovely royal blue light of eerie voluminous fountains of beautiful fog. Out your head, out the room, out the edifice you call home and out the heavens. On to the final path of other works and towards the eventual enlightenment.



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