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Steven Schaumberg (The Baron von Stefen) is a sexual healer and life coach in Denver and San Francisco. He holds membership and renegade status in a multitude of communities of wellness, art, alt/goth, meditation, and love.

He is currently writing a book and a screenplay about his work. You can find many excerpts from both of these writing endeavors on this website.

Please do contact me if you have questions about any of my work:


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The Princess (March, 2003)

On the chamber’s floor wi rose an crop

Ay awaits the Princess o th Dark.

Will ol vain attitude an dress o mine

assist in the capture o her heart,

oar set her aflight froom mie?

Ae moonths-loong anticipated rush o heart-poonding ecstasy

aboot tae meet wi warm climatic kneeling, supine, an prone embrace.

O, bliss! Ae warm, gentile, firm loving greeting

tae last th afte’noon!

Will th initial feeling last  fae’er?

Eyes a-met, o do keep ays there!

Stae, o please, if poss’bl fae ae loong-on.

Mooch moor beautiful thae remember ays.

Face moor smool

Eyes a-happier

Lips fuller the moor

Hair livelier

Frame smooler

Der’ayre moor roond.

Erotic thoughts a-plenty! O God, please keeper here!

Might ays please take all o thee a oonce fae m’sef?

May ays please fulfill promise tae please thee as ne’er before?

But, fae noo, can wie please keep gaze a

one-anoother, knowing what’er ootcome th afte’noon,

we shan’t escape this delightful moment?

-The Baron Laurence Stefen von Schaumburg, at your service!

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