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It’s All Love: A Book By Steven Schaumberg (The Baron von Stefen)

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In loving memory of Paige Wickham, 1973-2005.

Folsom Street, SOMA, San Francisco, Fall 2005

Where is it? Annie’s Cocktail Lounge, old iconic goth hangout, yeah yeah, where? Why didn’t I just effin’ write down the address? Not much open on a Sunday afternoon round here, can’t miss it, I suppose. I know it’s close to here someplace. Ooo ooo, there’s a fine bunch of ladies and gentleman standing there, right up the street. This must be the place. Bright windows, heavy old wood floor, nice counter. All smiles, they are. More than I’m used to seeing. Uh, what’s going on? Some special artsy event today? Cute giggles for a response. Lovely young lady handing me a cranberry juice? Uh, my favourite, thank you. Gathering of nice folks signing up for something? Can I just make out that sign on the wall all the way from here? Hmmm… “Orrr… gaz-mick… Med-uh-tay-shun”. OH, DEAR GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE?

The following sexual healing post-session letter I wrote to a wonderful client is reprinted at her request. The thoughts for this letter were inspired as I stood her, made-up, heeled and naked, in front of a full length mirror.

Princess, take the gentleman of the present time into your power. For the sake of yourself. Have him, all of him. He will take you. This is what you desire. The man. The love. The sensation. The cock. The heaven. The lovely feel of… 

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